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ProMarketer gives brands exclusive insight into martech and uses AI to match them with the most relevant solutions.

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We know marketers are under pressure. Changing consumer needs. Greater competition. Time pressures. Stagnant budgets. Digital confusion. It all adds up.

We have developed an easy-to-use, accessible platform to help marketers navigate this complex and expanding martech marketplace. It allows brands to brief the best tech providers and discover the latest in martech to power and accelerate innovation.

For the brands


Connect with martech’s best

ProMarketer’s smart workspace helps you navigate and understand a global marketplace of more than 8,000 martech vendors to find the relevant partners to help you and your brands innovate.


Brief top vendors

You can collaborate with the right martech suppliers through the platform thanks to the quick and easy-to-use ProM briefing feature.


Develop key partnerships

As well as discovering new technologies and ideas, you will get insights and information based on data and the way vendors work to develop long term partnerships.

“Brands can no longer rely on traditional marketing methods and channels but it’s impossible to innovate effectively if you don’t know what’s out there for you. We’ve developed ProM to help brands do this quickly and efficiently.”

Mark Bainbridge, co-founder, ProMarketer

For the vendors


Generate more business

Even innovative tech businesses can struggle to find the right brands and clients which is why ProM has developed an automated platform which matches martech vendors to relevant briefs at the click of a button.


Make partnerships for success

The ProM platform recommends vendors based on their products and services, relevancy and fit – leading to long-term partnerships.


Innovate your briefing process

Pitches and RFPs can be time-consuming, expensive and risky so the ProM briefing process ensures you get the best briefs directly and without delay.

“Martech is a hotbed of innovation and ideas but tech businesses, especially start-ups, often struggle to get heard and find the right clients and marketers to work with. ProM will help them cut through and get briefs from the best brands.”

David Mitchell, co-founder, ProMarketer

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