Innovation is happening on a global scale

It’s easy to get fixated on single market innovation and thinking about where global world domination should focus international expansion plans.

But at ProMarketer we are privileged to have a window into global world innovation our travels have taken us across the North Americas, Europe, GCC and Asia PAC in the past 6 months and we are seeing explosions of Martech innovation in every city we visit. Singapore and China are fast becoming the rapid accelerators for intelligent solutions.

We are also of a mind to try and construct sentences without the use of Bingo Buzzwords: AI, Big Data, Blockchain and 3D printing – they are things you build solutions off – it’s the solutions that count. So see if you can last a week without mentioning any of them and £20 to your favoured charity anytime you spill a block chain in a burst of techno tourettes.

We are sensing the first indicators that the Brexit phenomenon will impact on international talent in our innovation centres in London and the North West. But hey our existence as global citizens will we think simply result in our nomadic millennials superbrains who are leading much of our innovation – moving from market to market, learning and embellishing as they go.

This month’s top insights stem from the concept of flexitarianism (we will become part time vegetarians as the health benefits become clearer and as as the world population grows) in line we are hearing about off-planet stem cell R&D starting to look at growth of plant proteins; and hints that we really will see a tax on meat production -after all it’s probably the most inefficient form of food production on the planet…

This months showcase are augmentation technologies, brought to your attention by ProMarketer:

  1. AI Social FB based chat bot loyalty tech (
  2. Genius social signup augmentation (
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