Leaders in Tech Summit – Insights

So our trend hunters spend as much time as they can searching for insight; and a day at the Leaders in Tech summit in London was a day well spent. Speakers from mainstream investor networks and big brands shared the stage with smart innovation start ups like Seenit’s smart video solutions.

The learnings for start up and scale ups alike were phenomenal so here’s a round up of the top 10 insights from across the board.

  1. Aligning goals and people and working collaboratively can improve start up success by a factors of x 90
  2. The four corners of the secret of success in working with brands are: partnership (work together and get the brand partner to act as your champion in lateralising your proposition in their organisation), procurement (don’t engage at the last minute or you will be starting from scratch), relationships (vital to both success and learning from failure) and regulation (understanding the operating context) – get these right and you are on the home straight…
  3. The UK is the 3rd most productive place in the world to start a tech business after Silicon Valley and Beijing.
  4. Our Minister for Digital and creative agencies divulged we have less than 20% of women studying computational science in the UK.
  5. We are expert at controlling terrorism and abuse online; although we could help our cybersecurity tech cos to work better on our behalf if we loosened up some of our legislation.
  6. Investors want to read the 10 year wiki on where your start up will be as part of your pitch
  7. The top 4 areas for tech investment according to Saul Klein are: AI/deep learning tech, decentralisation (using blockchain), new voice and vision search interfaces and personalised healthcare and medicine.
  8. We have 300,000 developers in London but must not be complacent London is networked with the world because many of them are international and a 20% shift could change our global innovation ranking
  9. The fastest growth tech cos are proven by data science to be the ones connected globally with other founders, ecosystems, tapped into knowledge networks
  10. UK tech investment sources to discover: British Business Bank, British Growth Fund and UK Research and Innovation
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